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Inventory Control Job Description and Responsibilities

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WordPress, as well as other ecommerce and similar resources, offer an inventory control PDF online. The output of one machine is fed into the next machine for further processing. However, the process only works smoothly if all the machines work in tandem.

  • This will help streamline ordering and delivering in the shortest possible time, which will lead to the successful implementation of the company’s subsequent development strategy.
  • Maintain independence of operations—During the production process as well as the supply chain, the product is moved through many different operations that have different processing rates.
  • There will be no surplus inventory stored beyond what is required for production, so there will be no deadstock in the organisation.

The functions of inventory management software include its ability to access business information on the go. Chances are low that you will always access your inventory management software through your business computer only. When you need to get access to the software from the comfort of your home or when you are travelling, you should be able to do so without any issue. TallyPrime enables you to access all inventory-related information from your device as long as you are connected to the Internet. Whether you are using your smartphone or your tablet, you can get access to the business reports on a web browser. An inventory management software must have the automation feature whereby you can delegate tasks to the system.

Inventory Explained

Also, consider that demand occurs intermittently, rather than on a continuous basis. An example might be retail sales, which are slower on weekday mornings but high over the weekends. Carrying inventory helps to address these natural variations in demand. The other functions of inventory, such as balancing supply and demand, improving efficiency, establishing a safety stock and geographical specialization. Efficient inventory management and control keep business on a profitable path, help to maximize profits, make the most of inventory use, avoid overstocks, and reduce write-offs.

  • The software keeps the track of unlimited serial numbers from when the inventory is received until the time it is issued.
  • A certain amount of lead time is needed for goods to be produced and delivered.
  • Decoupling inventory is the term used for extra items or WIP kept at each production line station to prevent work stoppages.
  • Inventory is valued in one of three ways, including the first-in, first-out method; the last-in, first-out method; and the weighted average method.

Proper KPIs are fundamental to efficient inventory management, as these indicators drive future performance and profit. Most KPIs are coupled with Inventories as a primary asset of the retail business and goals of microeconomics with Sales as the ultimate result in retail. These costs include clerical cost on orders and discount rates on quantity of goods purchased. The costs are included in the cost of material at two stages.

TOP 5 Mistakes in Manufacturing and Inventory management

The barcoding module empowers you to murder standard human screw up, which routinely happens on account of manual data accumulations. Sifting normalized label gives speedy and trustworthy game plans. At the same time, having barcoding set up diminishes agent planning time, expects near two or three minutes to overwhelm. By and large, it required a lot of attempts and workforce to set up a delegate on the most capable technique to record things nuances. Barcoding improves stock control and tracks things, for instance, assessing and evaluating precisely.

functions of inventory

The software provides a complete solution to all your inventory problems. A good software has many advantages along with the power of accessing everything in just a tap. It makes your business functions easier and your customers happier. Implementing the right technology from point to point in your business saves you and your team time and efforts. Inventory control can sometimes be synonymic to inventory management, as both inventory management and inventory control help to keep business financially sustainable and meet customer demand.

Benefits of Inventory Management and Accurate Inventory

These products usually belong to the company itself and it represents its most important asset. When talking about inventory, it is vital that one of the functions of inventory management software is to be flexible to suit your business requirements. No two business functions are alike and similarly, the inventory management system must enable you to customise and define parameters as per your needs.

  • However, this policy increases stock-outs, back orders, paper work, special production runs and high cost fast-freight transportation.
  • The software has the ability to identify and track issues that can cause delayed shipment or broken packages.
  • This results from a greater leveling of production peaks and depth and with the consequent improvement in employment stability.
  • However, to maintain and track your products you need a management system.
  • NetSuite provides cloud inventory management solutions that are the perfect fit for companies within the startup to small businesses to Fortune 100 range.
  • In case the actual stock falls below this level, there is a danger of interruption in production and the management has to give top priority to the acquisition of its fresh supplies.

Some other examples of current assets are expenses, accounts receivable and also insurance plans. Inventory that stays with the company after a period of one year is treated as obsolete inventory or deadstock and is often considered a liability. In simpler words, inventory control involves monitoring stock usage, movement, and storage in a business. Stock control or inventory control is carried out whether the inventory is located at its warehouse or in different locations.

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Inventory is a major asset for any manufacturing or trading business, so it’s important for business owners to understand what it really means. In addition to the common definition, certain industries like manufacturing and service use specialized definitions that account for all of the assets relevant to that industry. Knowing the different types of inventory, including types that aren’t specifically used in accounting, can help business owners understand how their inventory is working for them. If you wish to learn more about the inventory management process, then check out this video to get a quick overview of that. Seasonal demand patterns also contribute to high and low periods of demand, such as ice cream sales in the summer or snow shovel sales in the winter.

functions of inventory

Similarly the cost of obsolescence, some spare parts and machine components may become obsolete if they are stored for a long time. As a result, the cost of spoilage and obsolescence gives rise to the accountability of inventory cost. Any product or material is bound to spoil if stored for a long time.

In layman’s terms, an inventory management system organizes and tracks all the products of the company. Using top-flight multi-channel ecommerce inventory management online software gives your customers more flexibility in choosing which warehouse or other shipping location best serves their needs. Inventory control notes, such as found on, explain the functions of good inventory control and management. The concept of raw materials as inventory items exists only in the manufacturing industry. In a trading industry, there is no processing or manufacturing involved, so there are no raw materials.