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      What was the first smartphone?

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      Tác giả: Trần Công24/03/2020

      GSM first launched in Europe 1991 with the Orbitel TPU 900 first to market, but it wasn’t until 1992 that mobiles were no longer restricted to business use. Mass production paved the way for cost-effective consumer handsets with digital displays. Nokia was one of the first to take advantage of this transition, with the Nokia 1011 arriving that year.

      when was the first smartphone invented

      The Casio G’zOne became the first waterproof handset sparking a movement towards phones gaining IP certifications. Android, the mobile operating system was acquired by Google which sent the message the Mountain View giant was serious about mobile technology. In the UK Mercury One2One started the first ever pay as you go services called ‘Up 2 You’. It allowed customers to top up their call credit and later became T-Mobile and then EE. Nokia also launched the 2110 in Europe, it was one of the smallest GSM phones available and a choice of ringtones which brought us the iconic Grande Valse, now known as the Nokia tune. Michael Harrison made the first ever mobile phone call in the UK.


      By the end of the 1990s, teenagers were adopting them as enthusiastically as they had previously embraced other portable devices such as personal stereos. Constantly hungry for the latest version, they greeted the first phones with integral cameras with delight. The smartphone has changed the way we live, and it’s hard to imagine a time when we had different devices for all the functions our phones can now fulfill. The mobile phone really got smart in 2007 when, to paraphrase Steve Jobs, Apple reinvented the phone. Known as the manufacturer of some of the most indestructible phones on the planet, Nokia are a much-beloved company.


      Probably the most revolutionary device – with every current smartphone using core features derived from it – was the Palm Pilot 1000, released in 1997. While Motorola, Nokia and IBM revolutionised the invention of mobile phones, many other companies began to release their own versions as the years went on. I wanted to only focus on devices that included full or nearly-full telecommunications capabilities.

      Present day and the future

      The R380 was Symbian-operated and the first phone to ship with an OS. Indeed, it was Symbian that dominated the market over the following decade. Cooper actually placed that very first mobile phone call to a contemporary working at Bell Labs, which at the time was competing with Motorola to build the first feasible mobile phone. Cooper didn’t just chat with another expert, but also placed calls to reporters and astounded onlookers as he wandered along the streets of New York, using a device that no one had ever seen before. US manufacturer Motorola beat all of its rivals to the punch when engineer Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone call from a completely portable device on April 3rd 1973. Both these phones had started off a massive company rivalry and changed the world in ways no one could possibly imagine. Little did we know that this device was going to be an essential day-to-day gadget that every single person on the planet would come to need.